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Fast and Furious LIVE: REVIEW

Posted by ADMIN on February 8, 2018 at 7:55 PM

As the world HYPES up for the first ever car show theatre, we are intrigued on how they would pull this off?

Fast and Furious has made the first ever car show to perform in arenas but overall on its performance it can be rather disappointing or the word we are looking for is.... CHEESY!

Not that they only drive around circles in the arena but the interactions with the audience it can feel a bit awkward in a way, such as encouraging the audience to scream louder to make the cars go faster? or use your colour cards (given upon entry) to vote what modifications you would have for your car?

One exceptionally impressive to the show is the outstanding control and driving to the cars done by the professional stunt drivers.

Of course being opening night we are glad to manage to get up close to the one and only Vin Diesel who opened the night for the first ever show at the London O2 Arena. 

Overall, if you're a car enthusiasts... you're better off sticking to the films BUT if you have a family and children who are into the movie then its a show worth going! 


Toyota GR HV Sports Concept

Posted by ADMIN on October 28, 2017 at 9:55 AM

The first thing that’ll strike you about this concept is the way it looks. The peculiar design was meant to mimic the Toyota Gazoo Racing TS050 Hybrid race car that runs in the World Endurance Championship, hence the GR HV (Gazoo Racing Hybrid Vehicle) letter lineup we see in the title. It’s an interesting tie-in, given the TS050 was designed entirely for going fast, rather than looking good. Still, it’s a nice reminder that although Toyota might not offer too many sports cars in its production line, its still got some very stout entries in the world of motorsport.

While the allusions to the Toyota WEC competitor become obvious when seen side-by-side, it’s impossible not to see this concept is really just a re-bodied GT86, with slightly longer, wider, and taller dimensions. But that’s okay – after all, the GT86 is Toyota’s one-and-only sports car, so we shouldn’t be surprised to see it providing the bones for this new design study.

Another feature of note is the concept’s targa top, which the automaker says draws similarities with Sports 800 “Yotahachi,” a fun two-door coupe from the ‘60s, as well as the well-known Toyota Supra. Obviously, this gets us very excited, as any and all official references Toyota might make to the Supra nameplate are enough to get us slobbering over thoughts of the release of a new-generation model. It’s like the Pavlov’s dog effect for fanboys.

Which begs the question – does the Toyota GR HV Sports Concept preview the styling Toyota has planned for the Supra?

Only time will tell, but for the time being, let’s assume that yes, this concept is what the new Supra is gonna look like as well. What do you think? Does it tickle your fancy? Personally, we’re not the biggest fans – sure it’s striking, but it doesn’t have the lovely curves and attractiveness we were hoping for. Regardless, we’ll take it if it means we can have the next-gen Supra already.

Finally, we find the exterior was covered in matte black paint to embody “power and aggressiveness.”

Need for Speed PAYBACK

Posted by ADMIN on October 13, 2017 at 2:00 PM

The smell of burnt rubber lingers through the streets, a remnant of the activities that were carried out during the early hours of the morning. But the darkness of night now gives way to the light of day as the city of Silver Rock begins to spark into life as the sun breaks across the entire Fortune Valley region.

Need for Speed Payback has a single player campaign that follows the exploits of former street racer Tyler Morgan. After being double-crossed and forced into exile, it’s time for Payback. Tyler must rebuild his crew, win an impossible race and bring down The House, the cartel that has a grip over the city's casinos, criminals and cops.

It’s not going to be easy though. Tyler and the crew will find themselves in the middle of some of the most action-packed, explosive events in Need for Speed history.

It wouldn't be Need for Speed without killer cars. The big question is: what sort of ride do you want? Cars in Need for Speed Payback come in one of five classes; Race, Drift, Off-Road, Drag and Runner. Whatever your goal, you’re going to want the right car for the job.

Now for the fun part, where you turn it up a notch and take your stock ride into something spectacular. Visually customize your ride to get it looking just how you want, and your garage has never looked better. But deep down we know it’s what’s under the hood that counts; win and buy the hottest aftermarket parts and craft the perfect driving machine.

Keep your eyes peeled while exploring Fortune Valley, and you may just find an abandoned car that becomes your new project. Breathe life into it and raise it from scrap into your one-of-a-kind supercar.

Fortune Valley is your action-packed playground. Race through the glamourous and gritty districts of Silver Rock City, tear up the arid Liberty Desert, drift your way up Mount Providence and defy deadly drops all over Silver Canyon. Whatever you're in the mood for, Fortune Valley has it all.

The return of intense cop chases means the stakes have never been higher. With helicopters and Rhinos in their arsenal, you’re going to have to push yourself, and your car, to the limit if you’re going to outrun and get away from the local PD. One thing is for sure, they certainly won’t go easy on you.

Double down on risk to run up your rewards. Nail speed and style moments to bank extra rep, and string together Heaters for massive multipliers. Push your limits to bank your winnings, or will you go bust? Up the ante with challenges that raise the stakes in races. Win the race and the challenge to multiply your bank.

Think you’re the fastest and willing to put your reputation on the line? An all new Autolog pushes your friends’ best scores from the entire campaign and world activities. Bragging rights are always at stake — and only a button press away.

RELEASE DATE 10/11/2017


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