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Fast and Furious LIVE: REVIEW

Posted by ADMIN on February 8, 2018 at 7:55 PM

As the world HYPES up for the first ever car show theatre, we are intrigued on how they would pull this off?

Fast and Furious has made the first ever car show to perform in arenas but overall on its performance it can be rather disappointing or the word we are looking for is.... CHEESY!

Not that they only drive around circles in the arena but the interactions with the audience it can feel a bit awkward in a way, such as encouraging the audience to scream louder to make the cars go faster? or use your colour cards (given upon entry) to vote what modifications you would have for your car?

One exceptionally impressive to the show is the outstanding control and driving to the cars done by the professional stunt drivers.

Of course being opening night we are glad to manage to get up close to the one and only Vin Diesel who opened the night for the first ever show at the London O2 Arena. 

Overall, if you're a car enthusiasts... you're better off sticking to the films BUT if you have a family and children who are into the movie then its a show worth going! 


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